Preparation for your Business Trips to Singapore / China / Asia / Germany

Business trips to other countries often serve the purpose of establishing new contacts or cultivating
existing relationships -both important for a good business cooperation.
Two trainers, one from the target culture and one from German, furnish you with the essential cultural backgrounds:

  • culture-specific patterns of behaviour
  • communication and negotiating styles in Germany compared to China / Singapore / Asia
  • the cultures of business and of every-day life.

This knowledge will help you to overcome any sense of insecurity quickly and to make you fit for the upcoming business trip. We tailor the preparations for your business trip exactly to the task in hand and your personal needs.

Be well prepared – convince your business partner with your sound knowledge, correct bemeanour and cultural acceptance.

This preparation for an assignment in Singapore / China

Is aimed at future expatriates and their partners as well as exchange students.
In the course of the seminars the participants receive meaningful knowledge to increase their business confidence and develop a corresponding lively relationship to everyday situations.


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