Intercultural Seminars and Coaching

Focusing on Singapore I China I Asia I Germany

We know that you must perform efficiently, so we will tailor our offer to suit your expectations.

Welcome-guide will give you

  • individual consultation and orientation
  • learner-friendly tuition in workshops and through training programmes
  • a link between your current knowledge and new aspects
  • comprehensive preparation in the target culture and first-hand socio-cultural information
  • effective use of the media
  • guidance and support for Asian employees and guests in Germany
  • stimuli for your welcoming culture – MEET & GREET

Take advantage of our experience

We offer you anything but dry instructions – rather that which you yourself would call “a world full of experiences”.

The interplay between a coach with the same cultural backround as the participants and one coming from the target culture will give you insight into authentic intercultural situations.

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